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A postfix maillog entry explained

Log entries as probably found in /var/log/maillog or mail.log.
Log entry Meaning
Nov 18 19:03:20
A standard syslog prefix: date/time, server hostname, process name and id.
In this case the process is the mail transfer agent.
84A3744BC1: Postfix Queue ID of the message
to=<recipient@sth.com>, Who the email is sent to.
relay=none Smtp mail relay.
delay=6000, Total sending delay time in seconds.
delays= Delay breakdown, quoting from the Postfix 2.3.19 release notes:
5920/ "Time before queue manager, including message transmission."
0 .1/ "Time in queue manager."

"Connection setup time including DNS,HELO and TLS."
"Message transmission time."
dsn: 4.4.1,
Delivery Status Notification: See this Internet Engineering Task Force Request for Comments for a list of status codes.
4.x.x means the email will be sent later, 2.x.x means everything is fine and 5.x.x indicates a definite failure.
Status of the message being sent, some other values are "sent" and "bounce"
Connect to address Network is unreachable
Error message.


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