Course of World War II

The Second World War lasted from 1939 to 1945. The Axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan, ...) ultimately lost against the Allies (USA, USSR, UK, France). This is a quiz about the major military events of the Second World war.


Course of WW II


On what day did the Second World War begin?

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Germany attacked Poland on September 1 1939. On September 17 Poland was also attacked from the east by the USSR.
France and the UK declared war on Germany on September 3, but until May 1940 there was hardly any fighting between the Axis and the Allies. This period is called the Phoney War.

Axis advances in 1940

Upon attack in April 1940
Denmark capitulated immediately.

Germany had won against Norway
the Netherlands in May 1940.

In addition to France, Germany also attacked Belgium, Luxembourg and
by June 1940.

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Norway provided resources to Germany and Britain planned to disrupt the supply.
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When did the German invasion of the Soviet Union begin?

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The invasion, codenamed "Barbarossa", began on June 22 1941.

When was Pearl Harbor attacked?

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Japan attacked Pearl harbor on December 7 1941.

Allied successes in 1943

In February 1943 German troops suffered a severe defeat against the Soviet Union at
1943 Italian leader Mussolini was dismissed and arrested after several Italian military defeats. The new government then negotiated an armistice with the Allies and switched sides (September). Germany rescued Mussolini and
. Mussolini then founded the
invaded parts of Italy
Italian Social Republic
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This BBC site, especially the "In Context", nicely outlines the events in Italy.

D-Day was on...

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The Allied invasion of the Normandy began on June 6 1944. By late August they had freed Paris from German occupation.

Germany surrendered in...

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Germany's unconditional surrender was signed on May 7 1945 and ended the war against Germany on May 8.

Japan surrendered in...

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Japan surrendered on August 15 1945 after US forces had dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.