Creation of the 1949 constitution of West Germany

After WW II Germany was occupied by the USA, the UK, the USSR and France. As tensions rose between the USSR and the Western occupants, two German states were founded. The Federal Republic of Germany in the west was based on the Grundgesetz (basic law), the western constitution.



What was the name of the gathering that drafted the FDR's constitution?

Based on the Francfort Documents the Parliamentary Council developed a constitution for the new Republic. Its members had been elected by the local state governments. The venue (Bonn) later became the capital of the FDR.

When was the Herrenchiemsee Convention?

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From August 10 to August 23 1948 ideas for the German constitution were collected at the Herrenchiemsee Convention (Verfassungkonvent).

The creation of the constitution

The Parliamentary Council first met on
1948. It elected
as its president.
The new constitution was influenced by the experiences with the
: the role of the president was to become purely representative and basic human rights were declared unalienable.
1949 the Parliamentary Council voted on the new constitution and on
the Military Governors in Germany accepted it. After that the individual West German states voted on the Basic Law.
1949 the new constitution for western Germany was proclaimed.
September 1
Konrad Adenauer
May 8
May 23
May 12
Weimar Republic
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When did the German parliament first meet?

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On September 7 1949 the first German "Bundestag" elected Theodor Heuss as the president of Germany.