Integration of East and West Germany into the respective blocs

After the Second World War, frictions increased between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union. As a result of that two German states were formed in 1949: the Federal Republic in West Germany and the Democratic Republic in East Germany. While most Germans hoped for a quick unification, the two countries soon sided with different partners, thus making unification less likely.


Formation of NATO and Warsaw Pact on


In what year did West Germany join the NATO?

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East Germany joined the Warsaw Pact the same year.

The East German army was called...

The National People's Army was established in 1956, the West German Bundeswehr was established in 1954. The Bundesheer is the Austrian Army.

Economical Alliances

The Treaty of Paris of 1951 came into effect one year later and established the
. West Germany was a founding member. The Treaties of Rome of
established the European Economic Community (EEC).
East Germany joined the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (
March 1957
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ECSC stand for European Coal and Steel Community.