Ireland and World War One

During the First World War a British law for Irish self-government was suspended. Both Irishmen who wanted to stay a part of the UK and people who wanted independence fought in World War One.


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When was Government of Ireland Act 1914 suspended?

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Both the Suspensory Act 1914 and the Home Rule Act were passed on September 18 1914 (1).

Irish Participation in the war

In 1914, Ireland was divided into
and Nationalists. Members of both groups fought in World War One,
people in total. For most Unionists,
was the reason to go to war.
Some Irish
hoped to promote the independence of small countries like Ireland. Both Belgium and Serbia had been invaded. There also were a lot of other reasons to go to war, like support for the
side and bigger pay than for normal jobs.
210 thousand
supporting Britain
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The Irish rebellion of 1916 is called the...

Some republicans saw the opportunity to gain independence during Britain's war involvement and started the Easter Rising. In April 1916 they seized several buildings in Dublin and surrendered after a week.

The ... following the rising caused opposition against Britain to grow.

15 people, including republican leaders, were executed after the Easter Rising. This was received negatively by the Irish public and caused growing support for independence.

After the war...

Ireland was
more nationalist than before

Nationalist soldiers
were celebrated in Belfast.

Soldiers who lived in Ulster
received little appreciation

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Catholic Nationalist soldiers fit neither republican not unionist movements completely.
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