The Gunpowder Plot

In 1605 Catholic conspirators attempted to assassinate King James I. Catholics were persecuted and the plotters wanted to install a Catholic monarch.


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For what month was the assassination planned?

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The assassination was planned for November 5 1605, the State Opening of Parliament. The event was originally planned for February 1605 but was then postponed.

Persecution of Catholics

When Elizabeth took the throne in 1559 she undertook what is called the Elizabethan
. The
established Elizabeth as the leader of the Church of England, asserting its independence from the
Church. The
made people who didn't attend the Church of England's masses pay so-called
In 1570 the Pope
Elizabeth and encouraged her Catholic subjects to depose her. Catholics were now considered potential
and persecution increased over the years.
Catholics were hopeful when the reign of
began in 1603. Indeed he ended recusancy fines and gave posts to Catholics. However, increasing Catholic
and Puritan political dissatisfaction after the Hampton Court Conference in January 1604 made him
the fines.
Act of Supremacy
Roman Catholic
Religious Settlement
recusancy fines
James I
Act of Uniformity
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Information about the Elizabethan Religious Settlement on Wikipedia and History Today.
The reason for the hopes associated with James were his Catholic wife and positive messages before he took the throne.

The conspirators who first met in May 1604 were lead by...

The 5 core plotters lead by Robert Catesby also included Guy Fawkes. Over time the number of conspirators increased to 13. writes about how Guy Fawkes became the most famous plotter.

The plot

While Catesby tried to find supporters in England
below the House of Lords chamber in Westminster Palace.

The plotters rented a vault
the plotters planned to lead an uprising and install James' young daughter Elizabeth as Queen.

After a successful assassination
Fawkes travelled to Flanders.

On November 5 Fawkes was to light a fuse
connected to the gunpowder stored in the vault and then flee to the continent.

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The plotters had originally rented a house next to the palace.
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Failure of the plot

While in Europe, Fawkes was discovered by
and linked to Catesby. And in late October 1605 a member of the House of Lords, Lord
, received an
letter warning him not to go to the parliament opening.
On November 4 1605 Westminister was
was discovered shortly after midnight the following day. As the plotters heard the news they fled. Fawkes was interrogated and
but only started
by November 7.
Now his co-conspirators could be found. Some, including
, died in a short battle. The rest managed to flee or were captured.
Guy Fawkes
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The letter to Monteagle is often attributed to Francis Tresham. While the plotters knew about the letter, they didn't see their plan threatened by it.

In trial the conspirators were found guilty of...

Trials started on January 27 1606.

Guy Fawkes was executed on...

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The prisoners were executed brutally on January 30 and 31 1606.