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Recent Projects
I'm a London-based web developer building high-quality responsive websites.

The aim of my work is to make your website perform better.
A robust analytics setup is key to achieving this goal and allows you to make decisions based on data.

My websites also support mobile devices and follow SEO guidelines.

I've recently done work for these companies:

Personal Projects

Twitter Language Map

Display local tweet languages with Google Maps.
Google Maps API Javascript


Trace Javascript execution by injecting logging instructions when serving JS files.
Javascript Node.js Esprima


Android productivity app that tracks time and prioritizes it.
Javascript jQuery Mobile Backbone.js

History Quizzes

Quiz site with self-correcting quizzes.
Python Google App Engine Javascript

Edit Color Online

Adjust hue and saturation of a color. Convert color representations.

Javascript clock speedup

Replace native Javascript date object with one where time advances faster to enable testing timers or stopwatches.

R Examples

Published some examples of simple programs when I was trying to learn R.
Google App Engine R